Your Guide to Visiting London on a Budget

Traveling can be extremely expensive if you aren’t smart about how and when you spend your money. There are plenty of ways to save money while on the road. I’m here to share with you some ways to visit London on a budget. The options listed in this guide are either free, necessary, or just completely worth it. Well, it’s time to explore! Grab your camera, put on your walking shoes, and explore your heart out. You will absolutely love London!

Your guide to London on a budget…

1. Explore the city by walking

Personally, I will ALWAYS choose to explore a city by walking it because you see so much more. You are able to stop and see things, chat with other people, stop into that cute cafe you passed. So, put your shoes on and walk! London is the perfect city to explore while walking. However, you will need to use some form of transportation between some places in London. I recommend using the underground metro system- aka the Tube- to get around where you can’t walk.

Your Guide to Visiting London on a Budget

2. Visit museums

All or most of the museums in London are FREE. Yes, you read that right, free! How amazing. Visiting museums is an awesome inexpensive way to spend part of the day, learn a little bit, and save some cash. There are tons of museums in London. I personally visited the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, but there are so many others to visit.


3. Watch the guard change at Buckingham Palace

Witness the famous guard change at Buckingham Palace and maybe catch a glimpse of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It is such a fun and unique thing to witness, but make sure to be there before 11:30 am. The streets get very crowded and the guard change only happens every 24 hours.

Your Guide to Visiting London on a Budget

4. Have lunch at Borough Market

Food is something that will always be an unavoidable cost and also one of my favorite travel experiences. I always make sure I budget enough for food because I absolutely love tasting new foods in different countries. If you’re in a group, eating at a market is perfect because everyone can get their choice of food. Markets also tend to be a little cheaper because you aren’t paying for extra drinks, appetizers, tips, etc.

Your Guide to Visiting London on a Budget

5. Go shopping at Camden Town

Camden Town is a huge market with so many booths full of food, jewelry, clothing, soaps, candles, etc. You name it, someone is probably selling it here. It’s a fun market to explore and a good place to shop if you’re looking to get souvenirs or something nice for yourself.


6.  Take a visit to colorful Neal’s Yard

This is a beautiful, colorful little niche in London. The brick walls are painted in beautiful colors and they have little shops and cafes. We enjoyed the colors and sipped on a glass of wine on a beautiful evening.

Your Guide to Visiting London on a Budget

Your Guide to Visiting London on a Budget

















7. Covent Garden

This place is a huge restaurant and shopping market in London. We stopped here for a glass of wine (are you sensing a pattern here…) and watched a local performer sing. Covent Garden is a lively market area to relax and get a feel for London life.

Your Guide to Visiting London on a Budget

More things to do…

-Visit Big Ben

-Westminster Abbey

-St. Paul’s Cathedral

-The Globe Theatre

-London Bridge

-Tower Bridge

-Shop at Harrod’s

-Abbey Road and Abbey Studio

-Visit Platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s Cross Station

Your Guide to Visiting London on a Budget

Your Guide to Visiting London on a Budget

Pricier things to do…

-Take in views of London from the London eye (£21.95)

-Visit the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London (£25.00)

-Spend your day at Hogwarts at Harry Potter Studios (£35.00)


Enjoy your time visiting London on a budget! Any other budget friendly suggestions? Leave them below!


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Your Guide to Visiting London on a Budget Your Guide to Visiting London on a Budget




  1. July 25, 2017 / 6:43 pm

    Thank you for the tip, Ray! I will have to check it out next time I am in London 🙂

  2. July 13, 2018 / 9:26 am

    That sounds like such an awesome escape!I’m so glad that taking solo adventures has become less scary for you and just a normal part of your life.

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