Travel “Must-Haves”

Hi and thanks for checking out some of my favorite travel “must have” items! From cameras to travel gear, I am notorious for overpacking (I’m working on it, I promise!). I have provided some of my all-time favorite things… so far! The more I travel, the more gear I will use. And the more photograph/videography experience I have, the more technology I will accumulate. On this page I will only link to things that I continue to use and love and will never recommend something that I didn’t use, love, or recommend. Have fun checking out some of my favorite travel and photography products and let me know if you love any of them too 🙂





Disclaimer: These are items that I use and love and would 100% recommend; however, it should be known that I will earn commissions (with no extra cost to you) when you purchase items through links on this page