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The Ultimate Guide to Witnessing and Photographing The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is one of the most elusive and spectacular natural phenomenons this earth has to offer. Their elusiveness makes witnessing the Northern Lights extra special, but it also means it will take a little bit of planning to give you the best chance to see them. I was… View Post

The Ultimate Guide For Hiking Trolltunga

Key Information:

Place: Trolltunga in Odda, Norway

Total Time: 10-12 hours, depending on your hiking ability and the weather

Distance: 22-28 kilometers // 13-17 miles, depending on if you drive or hike up the road

Elevation Gain: 1000 meters // 3280 feet

The Ultimate Guide For Hiking Trolltunga


My Experience Hiking Trolltunga:

Hiking Trolltunga was one of my favorite parts of my Southern Norway road trip. It is a hike that many people have on their bucket list, with good reason, but it is not a hike that everyone can complete. Getting out onto Trolltunga was extremely exciting and I could not have been happier to make it to this spot, BUT, the entire hike is incredibly beautiful. A lot of people want to rush through the hike, get to the rock, and take their picture. You’ll get a lot of likes on Instagram if you post a photo on Trolltunga, right? Don’t be that person. Enjoy the entire hike because the entire 17 miles of the hike is a jaw-dropping kind of beautiful.

I chose to hike with Trolltunga Active because I was a solo traveler and I wanted to meet new people and because it was after the recommended time to hike alone. It is recommended that you hike with a guide before June 15 and after September 15 because of quick and drastic weather changes and because of shorter day light hours.

My hike to Trolltunga was on September 18 and I was bless with absolutely beautiful weather and incredible fall colors. Thankfully. But the weather could have changed from sun to snow, rain, and fog extremely quickly. If you are not prepared for hiking in harsh winter conditions, choose to hike with a guide. It is a lot safer and a lot more fun. Groups that went even a week or two after me, were hiking through snow.

The Ultimate Guide For Hiking Trolltunga

The Ultimate Guide For Hiking Trolltunga


Top Tips:

  • Go with a guide if hiking after September 15th or before April 15th, the weather can change drastically in a short amount of time
  • Bring an extra pair of socks to change into at Trolltunga, your feet will thank you
  • Dress in layers, always bring more clothing than you think you’ll need
  • Pack enough food for all three meals the day of the hike AND breakfast the next morning, you never want to be stranded in the cold on a mountain without food
  • Drink lots and lots of water (like 3-4 times more than you normally do)

The Ultimate Guide For Hiking Trolltunga

The Ultimate Guide For Hiking Trolltunga


Packing List:

  • One layer of fleece lined leggings/long sleeve shirt
  • Warm leggings to put over fleece-lined pair
  • A good sturdy pair of hiking boots
  • Two warm pairs of socks
  • Workout long sleeve fleece-lined pullover
  • Windbreaker/rain jacket
  • Warmer winter jacket, depending on the season
  • One winter hat and pair of gloves
  • Hiking poles, if you prefer to use them
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for day of hike; extra breakfast; energizing snacks
  • One water bottle, you can fill up at streams along the way
  • Camera (leave the drone at home, they are not allowed at Trolltunga)

The Ultimate Guide For Hiking Trolltunga

The Ultimate Guide For Hiking Trolltunga


What kind of shape should I be in for hiking Trolltunga?

Hiking Trolltunga is not an easy feat for a one day hike. In fact, this hike used to be a two-day hike, which included a night camping on the mountain. A lot of people still hike up and camp somewhere in the mountains, but travelers with limited time started to turn this hike into a one-day hike. I recommend to be reasonable enough with yourself to whether or not you will be able to hike for 10-12 hours straight with two large inclines (and a lot more smaller inclines).

If you are not in shape or you are a slow hiker, you will reach a point about half way up that recommends you turn around if it is 1:00pm or later… and even earlier if you are going in the off months. I recommend that you be at least kind of in shape, it is not an easy hike and you have to be reasonably in shape to complete it. I am not in perfect shape, but I do hike when traveling and I can run a mile or two (…if someone made me). If you are hiking with Trolltunga Active and you get to the halfway point (which is AFTER the two large inclines), they will tell you if they think you can complete the rest of the hike or not. Remember… you have to make it off of the mountain too. If you’re in decent shape and have your mind made up that you are making it to the rock, you will most likely make it.

The Ultimate Guide For Hiking Trolltunga

Excused my red, sweaty face, but this is the “turn-around point” after the two major inclines that I mentioned above


Safety Extras:

  • If absolutely needed, there are emergency cabins along the route. These are only for emergencies and the mountain guard will not let you stay in them if you are in good enough shape and have enough time to make it off of the mountain.
  • There is a mountain guard about half way up the mountain at all times. The mountain guards are people that hike Trolltunga extremely often and they are a good resource for any questions or concerns on the mountain.

The Ultimate Guide For Hiking Trolltunga


I hope I convinced you to pack your bags, head to Norway, and set out on your own Trolltunga adventure!


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A Look at My 23rd Year of Adventure

Each year, I look back and wonder how I am ever going to top that year. I look back at all of the new places that I traveled, new things that I got to experience, things that I have accomplished, and memories that I have made with the ones I love. Sitting here right now and reflecting back on my last 23 years of life, I can say that 23 may be one of my best years yet. I know, I know.. I say that every year, but the past year has been a year of incredible growth for me as a person.

Mr 23rd year of adventure… 

I finished my last semester of college, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and became a Registered Nurse. All within a span of a couple of months. I started work as a Registered Nurse.. and I thought nursing school was scary. Imagine being a new nurse in a busy hospital. Thankfully, I was welcomed by the most helpful and kind nurses I could have ever asked for, which helped my transition into nursing immensely.

But, before starting my career as a registered nurse, I packed my bags and headed on a three week tropical getaway. First stop: Miami, where I spent 5 days getting dive certified with South Beach Divers, then headed south to the country of Belize.

I spent a week on my first ever solo adventure. I spent the week exploring the island of Caye Caulker, both on land and below the sea. After diving The Blue Hole, I flew over it on my way back to Belize City, where I met amazing friends and traveled around Belize with EF College Break.

After three weeks of nonstop adventure and fun, I headed back home to begin my career as a nurse. Little did I know, this was going to be another adventure.. just not my normal type of adventure.

Since then,

I have spent tons of time with family

Spent a weekend in New York City

Headed to Arizona for a weekend with my sister and dad

Found myself with five days off and explored Colorado with two of my best college friends

Had a lot more family time throughout the summer

Moved out of my parents house and into my first post-grad apartment

Spent two weeks exploring Scandinavia on my second ever solo adventure

Bought a new car

Crossed off TWO major adventures on my bucket list: getting dive certified and seeing the northern lights

….and turned 24!


What a year of adventure for me!

My 23rd year of life was a year full of adventure, family, and accomplishments. But, some of the most important things of this year weren’t showcased on my blog or my instagram page.

It was moments of joy, like seeing PASSED next to my name on the Minnesota Board of Nursing website. It was the time spent with family and friends. Moments with my patients, where I feel that I am making a difference in someones life. Being told from a patient to “keep making people happy, you’re good at it.” It was seeing my parents overjoyed faces on FaceTime from across the world. It was meeting friends around the world and getting to explore a new place with them.

Moments like these are what keep me going and keep me craving more out of life.

Here are some of my favorite photos from my 23rd year of adventure!


Here’s to 24, I hope it will be just as amazing!

Unique Places to Eat in New York City

New York City is a huge city with so many fantastic options for food. From luxury dining to street food, there is something for everyone. I’m not sure about you, but when I travel, food is one of my favorite experiences. Yes, I consider food a travel experience. And maybe one of the best travel experiences, hehe. When reading this guide of unique places to eat in New York City, I want you to know that there are a million more that I have not tried. I would have to live in the city for years before trying every food option in the city. But, on my few visits, these are some of my favorite.

So, time for some of my favorite unique places to eat in New York City…

1. Serendipity

This old school diner is well known for their desserts and frozen drinks. We enjoyed frozen hot chocolates with burgers and fries, it can’t get better than that! Be sure to visit Serendipity on your next visit to the city.

Serendipity: the art of making happy discoveries or finding the unexpectedly pleasant by chance

Unique Places to Eat in New York City Unique Places to Eat in New York City

2. Cookie DŌ

This is for my friends with a sweet tooth. Raw cookie dough is the new thing and this New York City shop is almost always busy. Be sure to get there early so you don’t have to wait hours in line! Cookie DŌ is definitely worth a visit!

Unique Places to Eat in New York City Unique Places to Eat in New York City

3. China Town

If you like Chinese food, then this is the spot for you! With many different restaurants to choose from, you can wander the street and find your favorite.

4. Little Italy

This is for my pasta and pizza and all things Italian food lovers. Head to Little Italy for lunch and wander through this fun street until you find the restaurant you like. Many of the restaurants offer a free drink or appetizers if you choose their restaurant, winning!

Unique Places to Eat in New York City Unique Places to Eat in New York City

5. Street Food

This is probably as broad of an option as I could give you, but street food is a serious option for food in New York. You can find street vendors on almost every corner. Helpful tip: only go to vendors that seem to have other customers going to it, if there hasn’t been anyone buying from it, it probably isn’t the best or safest food option.

6. Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

If you can’t tell by now… I like my sweets! I visited the cupcake ATM mostly for the fun of receiving a cupcake through an ATM. There are plenty of options for cupcakes, you swipe your card, and a small window slides up delivering your cupcake.


These are some of my favorite places to eat in New York City… 

What are some of yours?


Pinterest: Unique Places to Eat in New York City

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Throughout my 3 weeks in Belize, I took hundreds of photos to inspire you to visit Belize. This Central American country is the perfect travel destination for anyone. Belize is the best of both worlds by being able to visit both the jungle and beach, the incredible diving, the many islands to visit, and the beautiful views throughout the entire country. Next time you are planning a trip, be sure to add Belize to your bucket list. I promise that you will not regret it! And when visiting Belize, make sure to visit the island of Caye Caulker. This little slice of heaven is where I spent half of my time and I completely fell in love.

Here are 18 photos to inspire you to visit Belize…

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize


Did these photos inspire you to visit Belize? 

I know that I want to book a ticket back!