Welcome to The Wandering Brunette.

Read about my love for travel, adventure, food, and family.

I am Nicole, a 23 year old girl with a wandering soul. Cliche? Maybe, but most of my days consist of dreams of faraway places and a strong desire to pack my bags and head somewhere new. I’m a huge sucker for beautiful things and places. My love for travel has brought me to three different continents and over 20 different countries. My love for adventure has brought me bungee jumping in Costa Rica and to the top of a mountain in Switzerland. My love for food has brought me to Italy, where there is no such thing as too much pasta, pizza, or wine. And my love for family has always brought me back home to Minnesota. Tune in for some of my favorite foods from around the world and follow me around the globe as I continue to check things off of my never-ending bucket list.

Things I love… Traveling. A fun adventure. Wine. A beautiful photograph. A colorful sunset. Food (of course). A good latte. New friends. Hiking. Home.

The Wandering Brunette