A Look at My 23rd Year of Adventure

Each year, I look back and wonder how I am ever going to top that year. I look back at all of the new places that I traveled, new things that I got to experience, things that I have accomplished, and memories that I have made with the ones I love. Sitting here right now and reflecting back on my last 23 years of life, I can say that 23 may be one of my best years yet. I know, I know.. I say that every year, but the past year has been a year of incredible growth for me as a person.

Mr 23rd year of adventure… 

I finished my last semester of college, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and became a Registered Nurse. All within a span of a couple of months. I started work as a Registered Nurse.. and I thought nursing school was scary. Imagine being a new nurse in a busy hospital. Thankfully, I was welcomed by the most helpful and kind nurses I could have ever asked for, which helped my transition into nursing immensely.

But, before starting my career as a registered nurse, I packed my bags and headed on a three week tropical getaway. First stop: Miami, where I spent 5 days getting dive certified with South Beach Divers, then headed south to the country of Belize.

I spent a week on my first ever solo adventure. I spent the week exploring the island of Caye Caulker, both on land and below the sea. After diving The Blue Hole, I flew over it on my way back to Belize City, where I met amazing friends and traveled around Belize with EF College Break.

After three weeks of nonstop adventure and fun, I headed back home to begin my career as a nurse. Little did I know, this was going to be another adventure.. just not my normal type of adventure.

Since then,

I have spent tons of time with family

Spent a weekend in New York City

Headed to Arizona for a weekend with my sister and dad

Found myself with five days off and explored Colorado with two of my best college friends

Had a lot more family time throughout the summer

Moved out of my parents house and into my first post-grad apartment

Spent two weeks exploring Scandinavia on my second ever solo adventure

Bought a new car

Crossed off TWO major adventures on my bucket list: getting dive certified and seeing the northern lights

….and turned 24!


What a year of adventure for me!

My 23rd year of life was a year full of adventure, family, and accomplishments. But, some of the most important things of this year weren’t showcased on my blog or my instagram page.

It was moments of joy, like seeing PASSED next to my name on the Minnesota Board of Nursing website. It was the time spent with family and friends. Moments with my patients, where I feel that I am making a difference in someones life. Being told from a patient to “keep making people happy, you’re good at it.” It was seeing my parents overjoyed faces on FaceTime from across the world. It was meeting friends around the world and getting to explore a new place with them.

Moments like these are what keep me going and keep me craving more out of life.

Here are some of my favorite photos from my 23rd year of adventure!


Here’s to 24, I hope it will be just as amazing!

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