Unique Places to Eat in New York City

New York City is a huge city with so many fantastic options for food. From luxury dining to street food, there is something for everyone. I’m not sure about you, but when I travel, food is one of my favorite experiences. Yes, I consider food a travel experience. And maybe one of the best travel experiences, hehe. When reading this guide of unique places to eat in New York City, I want you to know that there are a million more that I have not tried. I would have to live in the city for years before trying every food option in the city. But, on my few visits, these are some of my favorite.

So, time for some of my favorite unique places to eat in New York City…

1. Serendipity

This old school diner is well known for their desserts and frozen drinks. We enjoyed frozen hot chocolates with burgers and fries, it can’t get better than that! Be sure to visit Serendipity on your next visit to the city.

Serendipity: the art of making happy discoveries or finding the unexpectedly pleasant by chance

Unique Places to Eat in New York City Unique Places to Eat in New York City

2. Cookie DŌ

This is for my friends with a sweet tooth. Raw cookie dough is the new thing and this New York City shop is almost always busy. Be sure to get there early so you don’t have to wait hours in line! Cookie DŌ is definitely worth a visit!

Unique Places to Eat in New York City Unique Places to Eat in New York City

3. China Town

If you like Chinese food, then this is the spot for you! With many different restaurants to choose from, you can wander the street and find your favorite.

4. Little Italy

This is for my pasta and pizza and all things Italian food lovers. Head to Little Italy for lunch and wander through this fun street until you find the restaurant you like. Many of the restaurants offer a free drink or appetizers if you choose their restaurant, winning!

Unique Places to Eat in New York City Unique Places to Eat in New York City

5. Street Food

This is probably as broad of an option as I could give you, but street food is a serious option for food in New York. You can find street vendors on almost every corner. Helpful tip: only go to vendors that seem to have other customers going to it, if there hasn’t been anyone buying from it, it probably isn’t the best or safest food option.

6. Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

If you can’t tell by now… I like my sweets! I visited the cupcake ATM mostly for the fun of receiving a cupcake through an ATM. There are plenty of options for cupcakes, you swipe your card, and a small window slides up delivering your cupcake.


These are some of my favorite places to eat in New York City… 

What are some of yours?


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  1. September 11, 2017 / 10:45 am

    How did I not know about the cupcake ATM when I was in NY! Ah now I have to go when I can get back there. Great post 🙂

    • September 17, 2017 / 6:59 am

      Right! I didn’t know at first either, we just stumbled upon it.. it was a great find! Thank you 🙂

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