10 Reasons to Get Dive Certified

Exploring the underwater world has been a desire of mine for quite some time. I had come up with 100 reasons to get dive certified on my next trip. I knew that it was going to be my next big adventure. With graduating college and accepting a new job, I knew the best time to take on this adventure was now. I packed my bags in January and headed south to Miami, Florida and learned how to dive with South Beach Divers. I had big plans after I received my open water certification through PADI.. I was heading straight to Belize to explore one of the largest barrier reef systems in the world. Belize is also home to the world famous, Blue Hole.


So, here are 10 reasons to get dive certified…

1. There is so much to explore under the water

Without exploring underwater, you are missing out on exploring 71% percent of the world. It may be just me, but I do not want to miss out on that much of this big, beautiful world of ours. This is one of my number one reasons to get dive certified. How can you explore so much of the world, but miss out on over 71% of it? You can’t!

10 Reasons to Get Dive Certified

2. It is the perfect adventure

In my opinion, there is nothing more exciting or exhilarating than diving backwards into the unknown of the ocean. Not knowing what marine life or views you will find when you finally start to sink into the ocean. Earning my dive certification is one of my greatest adventures to date and one of my favorite things that I have checked of my bucket list.

10 Reasons to Get Dive Certified

3. Diving is a great new hobby

From the second that I put on my tank and descended into the pool for training to my first real dive in the ocean, I was completely excited about this new hobby. It may be an expensive hobby, but it is a hobby that is 100% worth it in my opinion. Not to mention, I am currently craving another dive as I write this.

4. Meet new, like-minded friends

Spending the day on the diving boat, you are bound to meet new friends. There were some days in Belize that I spent 10-12 hours with other people from around the world on the dive boat. It is so much fun getting to know other people, knowing that you already have one incredible thing in common.

5. You will see something new every time you go diving

Unless you are diving in the same exact spot, you will always see something new when diving, and even if diving in the same spot, the wildlife will always be different. You will always have a new experience each and every time that you go diving. I think that is one of the most unique things about diving, you will never be able to relive that moment or dive. So, live in the moment and enjoy every bit of the dive.

10 Reasons to Get Dive Certified

6. You may be able to see and interact with some of your favorite animals

When I say interact, I mean watch your favorite animal from a respectful distance while causing no harm to the animal. One of the most exciting things about diving is having a shark or eagle ray or eel swim into your focus, not minding that you are there one bit, but just going about their own business. It is an amazing thing to see a shark casually swim right by you.

10 Reasons to Get Dive Certified

7. It is an exciting, but extremely relaxing activity

There are so many exciting parts about diving. From the marine life to amazing coral formations, there is something exciting about every dive. With so much excitement, it is hard to think that diving is also one of the most relaxing activities. There is something about diving that just brings peace and relaxation to a person. Plus, the second you start to descend into the ocean, every bit of worry that you had above surface, disappears.

8. It gives you a new excuse to travel

Not that you need another excuse to travel… but, planning a dive trip is the perfect reason to book a ticket to a warm destination and explore more of the ocean and enjoy the beach.

10 Reasons to Get Dive Certified

9. You have the opportunity to learn about marine life

A lot of the time, you are diving with people that dive often or a very knowledgeable about the marine life. One of my dive instructors had just graduated with a marine biology degree and another individual that I dove with was a dive instructor visiting Belize. Almost everyone that I had the pleasure of diving with, loved to share what they knew about marine life and the underwater world. There are so many amazing things to learn.

10. You become part of the conservation effort to save our oceans

This is such an important reason to get dive certified. Whether you are physically giving money through your dive shop or simply learning more about the ocean, you as a diver are promoting conservation efforts to the oceans. A lot of dive shops donate a part of their paycheck from you to the local conservation teams. And think about how exciting it would be to go diving.

You would want to tell everyone about your experiences, what you saw underwater, how beautiful the coral was…

You are sharing your excitement and knowledge about the ocean with others.

You are encouraging others love the ocean too.

You are a part of saving our oceans.

10 Reasons to Get Dive Certified


Were these 10 reasons to get dive certified enough to inspire you to take the chance?

Enough of a reason for you to get dive certified?


 10 Reasons to Get Dive Certified


  1. August 31, 2017 / 9:41 am

    I’ve always been really curious about diving! Unfortunately I don’t like anywhere near the ocean and England doesn’t really have anything to explore.. but whenever I’ve done it it’s been an amazing experience.

    Laura ¦ http://www.laurahasablog.co.uk

    • August 31, 2017 / 1:28 pm

      It isn’t something for everyone, but I am glad you have enjoyed it when you’ve done it! It definitely is hard to continue diving when you live in a place that doesn’t have many diving spots (I’m from Minnesota!)

  2. Rebecca
    November 3, 2017 / 7:48 am

    The main reason I love scuba diving is for the adventure, you don’t know what it may happen or what you may found below the water surface. The second reason is because of the beautiful and unique underwater landscape. In the past years I’ve taken a lot of pictures of the marine life which I store on https://dive.site along with all my diving logs. It’s cool that I can also search new dive spots or even add my own.

  3. November 28, 2017 / 7:58 pm

    How I missed to dive when I saw your post I got jealous lol I loved diving! the peace is different under the sea! I wish I could go diving soon!

  4. December 21, 2017 / 7:17 am

    Hi Nicole, thanks for the great travel tips, the reviews, and the hints, including the 100 reasons to get dive certified on your trip.

    Pictures are really excellent also.

    It certainly helps when I can read a blog such as yours, and be guided by it. Many adventures to be had by all.

    Cheers Sharon…
    Sharon recently posted…Best beach towels – Quality, absorbent or oversized? You’ll love these

  5. February 10, 2018 / 8:39 pm

    It was nice reading your blog post, apparently I have been longing to learn how to scuba dive and I have no reason to postpone it. Thanks to you for writing down the 10 reasons why I should get dive certified. I am confident that diving will be my new bae! Thanks a lot Nicole!

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