Video: A Spring Break Spent in Colorado

I spent my last spring break of college (what!) exploring Colorado with two of my best friends. From hiking to skiing, we were fortunate to have perfect weather for both winter and spring activities. We spent two days hiking. One day was spent near Denver, hiking at Castlewood Canyon State park and the second day was spent at the Flatirons in Boulder. The acclimation didn’t have anything on us…. just kidding. I felt totally out of shape because of the altitude (or maybe I’m just out of shape). Thankfully, we got to experience winter in Colorado as well. We packed our bags and headed into the mountains for a three day skiing trip in Breckenridge. It was my first time skiing, as I usually snowboard, but I think I picked it up pretty fast. And it was so. much. fun. Finally, we spent a day exploring Denver. We checked out Larimer Square and walked around the 16th street mall. We may have stopped at Little Man Ice Cream…. twice. But that’s okay, that’s what vacation is for, right? Being that I have only been to Colorado once, I cannot confirm this, but I think we visited at the perfect time of the year. Cold enough in the mountains to go skiing, but warm enough out of the mountains to go hiking and eat ice cream. Best of both worlds in Colorado this spring break.

The mountains are calling and I must go… to Colorado



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